Darkness is defined as the partial or total absence of light. Darkness can be the ever-present feeling of being sad and without hope. So why does God allow it?

This is the primary topic of author H.G. Franklin’s debut book – perceptions of darkness have always been negative. So how can one perceive that embracing the darkness would be positive? H.G. Franklin is a prime example of using this approach in his life.

H.G. Franklin gives personal testimony of how he found freedom through his embrace. He uses real-life examples and parallels his “darkness” to those who experienced darkness in the Bible, such as Joseph and Job. This book is encouraging and easy to read. However, it will challenge your present definition and perception of darkness. The author gives a refreshing account of how God took him through this process. Continue to read and allow this book to help you see the light that can be found in darkness.

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